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1.9 Billion Data Records Exposed in First Half of 2017

Every second, 122 records are exposed in breaches around the globe, a new report shows. And that's doesn't even include the new Equifax breach data. More than 10 million data records are pilfered or lost every day around the world, a rate of more than 7,000 per minute: and that's only the numbers fr...
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Hacking Your Phone

Hacking Your Phone from CBS News: Sharyn Alfonsi reports on how cellphones and mobile phone networks are vulnerable to hacking.   Read Full Article

CFO of the Year Candidate Joins IronClad Encryption's Board of Directors

Global Senior Financial and Operations Leader Will Help Shape Market Entries

HOUSTON, Tex. (September 13, 2017) -- IronClad Encryption Corporation (OTCQB:IRNC) appointed John Reiland to its Board of Directors today to fortify the company's finance and operations capabilities. Mr. Reiland has more than 40 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer and Chief Executive Officer of public and private companies in various industries. His experience spans multinational companies, startups, and companies in between. Mr. Reiland has also led the implementation of several accounting and reporting systems, one of which earned him a nomination for the 2009 LA Business Journal CFO of the Year award.

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Unwanted Hotel Guests: Russia's Fancy Bear

Experts have long warned that connecting to unknown networks is potentially risky since those who have access to one can spy on traffic. Now FireEye says new research has uncovered signs of a stealthy attack that is intended to steal authentication credentials from hotel patrons' computers. Read Ful...
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Hackers Leak ‘Game Of Thrones’ Documents and HBO Emails

When hackers broke into HBO's systems last month, the cable network's executives told staffers that they didn't believe its email system had been compromised "as a whole." Read Full Article

FedEx Warns NotPetya Will 'Negatively Affect' Profits

FedEx, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, says that its TNT Express international courier delivery service subsidiary continues to experience "widespread service delays," tied, in part, to employees having to use manual processes in the wake of the June 27 malware outbreak. Read Full Article

FBI Blames Iranian Hackers for Stealing US Missile Tech

Two Iranian nationals remain at large after being charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with hacking into a Vermont-based engineering firm and stealing software used to develop projectiles, ranging from bullets to GPS-guided artillery shells and missiles. Read Full Article

Voter Registration Data from 9 States Available for Sale on Dark Web

Nearly 10 million voter records sold for just $4 over last few days, according to LookingGlass Cyber Solutions. Threat intelligence company LookingGlass Cyber Solutions says it has discovered over 40 million voter records from nine different states being traded in an underground forum for stolen cre...
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$115 Million Settlement in Massive Anthem Breach Case

Health insurer Anthem has agreed to a proposed $115 million deal to settle a class action lawsuit over a 2015 cyberattack that resulted in a breach affecting nearly 78.9 million individuals. Attorneys representing plaintiffs said in a statement the $115 million deal, if approved by the California fe...
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CopyCat Malware Infects 14 Million Android Devices

A new malware strain is discovered with a novel approach to infecting Android handheld devices with adware. Millions of Android devices have been hit with a new malware strain called CopyCat that uses a unique approach to injecting the devices with adware, according to a researcher with Check Point'...
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Verizon Breach: 6 Million Customer Accounts Exposed

Verizon has apologized after a contractor failed to secure a large batch of customer information, leading to data relating to 6 million customers' accounts being exposed. But it's unclear if Verizon - the largest wireless carrier in the United States - plans to notify affected customers. Read Full A...
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MillerCoors’ $100-Million IT Lawsuit Warning

MillerCoors’ $100-million lawsuit against an IT contractor is getting messier. The contractor, HCL, recently filed a counterclaim disputing the brewer’s allegation that it owns responsibility for a troubled ERP project.  HCL is accusing the brewer of making it a “scapegoat” for its own problems...
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WannaCry Forces Honda to Take Production Plant Offline

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'Crash Override’ Malware Heightens Fears for US Electric Grid

'Crash Override’ Malware Heightens Fears for US Electric Grid
Morgan Chalfant June 15, 2017 The identification of malware tied to a cyberattack on Ukraine last year is putting a renewed focus on threats to America’s electric grid. Security firms ESET and Dragos revealed the malware, dubbed “Crash Override” or “Industroyer,” this week. According to the research...
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Ironclad and Sonim Technologies Offer Rugged Mobile Handset for Consumers, Enterprise, Government

Dark Reading
NEW YORK and HOUSTON (June 5, 2017) —  Ironclad Encryption Corporation  (OTCQB: IRNC) today announced it has engaged with Sonim Technologies to use its ultra-rugged LTE XP7 smartphone as the platform for integrating Ironclad Encryption’s ultra-secure algorithms. These efforts will result i...
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Ironclad Encryption Corporation Engages with AOI to Co-Develop

Ironclad Encryption Corporation Engages with AOI to Co-Develop the ICE Box Secure Communication Appliance Enabling Secure Mobile Communications

Leaked document reveals Facebook conducted research to target emotionally vulnerable and insecure youth

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IronClad Engages with PollenTech Oy

IronClad Engages with PollenTech Oy to Create the First Truly Secure Mobile Communication Platform for Consumers and Enterprise

Home Depot to Pay Banks $25 Million in Data Breach Settlement

Jeff John Roberts Mar 09, 2017   Home Depot has taken another step to move on from its colossal 2014 data breach, which involved hackers stealing email or credit card information from more than 50 million customers by infiltrating self check-out terminals. In a new settlement with dozens of ban...
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Hackers Breach Law Firms, Including Cravath and Weil Gotshal

Hackers broke into the computer networks at some of the country’s most prestigious law firms, and federal investigators are exploring whether they stole confidential information for the purpose of insider trading, according to people familiar with the matter. The firms include Cravath Swaine & M...
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IronClad Encryption

Ironclad Encryption is Dynamic Encryption. The encryption sequence changes continuously so there is never a correlation between data sent and data received.