Ultra-secure hardware and
software that reduces
cyber security risks.

Discover how IronClad's patented technology can close the door to security threats at home and abroad.

End point solutions that
secure data at its source

Discover how IronClad's patented technology enhances
products and services.

Telecommunications solutions
that secure private conversations.

Discover how IronClad's patented technology ensures privacy.


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Competitive Advantage:

IronClad Encryption technology does not directly displace existing products or services available in the market today: It enhances them and adds new capabilities.

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Cyberattacks have skyrocketed for years now and this trend is not slowing down so far. To rub salt into the wound, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 just kicked the issue off. Those who were expecting relief from the increasing threats of cybercrimes in 2021 are to be frustrated as the number of attacks is on increase day after day. We have just stepped over the first quarter of 2021 and already sever...
 Over the past couple of years, cyber-attacks have been increasing both in frequency and sophistication. 2019 also witnessed a surge in cyber-attacks and many companies were suffering a huge financial and reputational loss. According to CISCO, DNS hijacking and targeted malware were the serious cyber threats of 2019, along with various others. Cyber pests were using various tools to capt...
The year 2020 has become remarkable in many ways, especially when it comes to the surge in cyber attacks. The Covid-19 pandemic has given an unprecedented opportunity to cyber attackers to hack and break down the organizations’ IT infrastructure. The work-from-home working module adopted by such organizations has been attributed to the rise of cyber attacks. The security gap between the home and o...