Dialogue from Daniel Lerner CTO of Ironclad Encryption

This is the first Ironclad Encryption CTO blog post!

I am so glad to be able to start doing this to help communicate what we are doing here at Ironclad Encryption, and what this technology does.

 People are asking:

“What is Ironclad Encryption?”


“With all the new Patents which have been issued, what are the new developments at Ironclad?”

 I plan to unfold the answers to these questions and more in this ongoing blog and White Paper series.

 Let me introduce myself.

I am Daniel Lerner, Chief Technology Officer for Ironclad Encryption Inc.

I am the inventor of this technology.

Many people have helped me along the way. It is a long list. I hope to write more about the history of Ironclad Encryption. I further intend to give credit to the people who have graciously participated in this endeavor, as time permits.

I am grateful for all the help.

My plan in this blog is to educate you about Ironclad Encryption technology. My plan is to explain the concepts from a high level, and then dig into the Patents, potential applications, demonstrations, pseudocode models, and diagrams. You know, stuff to convey concepts and details in a cogent manner for people who are not educated in encryption, computers, communications and security.

Later, I can dig deeper into the technology as public interest indicates from your feedback.

 You can write to me at:

[email protected]

I am actually way too busy to answer every email. I have some trustworthy staff, who are helping with the email feed. They will read all your emails, and help me answer all your questions, within the scope of a Public company disclosure policy, and various Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

I am also open to various opportunities to apply Ironclad Encryption technology in the Public and Private sectors. Please email your proposals and we will review and discuss each one.


Daniel Lerner - CTO Ironclad Encryption

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